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Your Cosmetic Dr. in St. Louis:

Dr. Richard Bligh founded the St. Louis Center of Preventive & Longevity Medicine in 2003 to integrate comprehensive healthcare with preventive and state-of-the-art technology. Dr. Bligh has developed a holistic, patient-focused practice that provides concierge medicine, age management and cosmetic services in a comfortable setting.


After years as a primary care physician with one of St. Louis's premier group practices, Dr. Bligh developed health problems that led him to examine conventional medical wisdom on aging and disease. He noted a drop in energy, muscle mass, and overall vitality, despite years devoted to sports, a healthy diet, and aerobic/resistance training. Still, an extensive medical evaluation produced a clean bill of health. His colleagues welcomed him to the Aging Baby Boomer Club with a smile and slap on the back. Dr. Bligh wasn't convinced.

An article about the newly formed American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine inspired him to research the concept of aging as a manageable disease. He attended numerous conferences with leading physicians in this field and underwent further testing, which revealed deficiencies in Dr. Bligh's testosterone, growth hormone, and DHEA—elements rarely checked in a traditional medical evaluation. He realized many of these levels fluctuate according to age and, like most physicians, attributed the decline to normal aging. But within weeks to months of supplementation, Dr. Bligh had more energy. He noticed gains in lost muscle mass and a renewed sense of optimism and self-confidence.

Dr. Bligh's personal journey dramatically reshaped his concepts about conventional medicine's aggressive treatment style. He now views vigorous prevention and a healthy lifestyle as key to successful aging.



The current healthcare model requires physicians to see more patients in shorter intervals. This framework offers little time to properly screen patients or arm them with the tools to maintain health as they age. Conversely, Dr. Bligh records a patient's history, genetics and way of life to determine treatment options and lifestyle modifications. He explains how a particular therapy works and why it is recommended, so patients can take a proactive stance in their well-being.


As patients begin to feel revitalized on the inside, many long for an outward appearance to reflect newfound health and energy. Advanced Laser Clinic works hand-in-hand with St. Louis Center of Preventive & Longevity Medicine to rejuvenate appearance through non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Patients are exposed to both age management and aesthetic medicine in a mutually advantageous office setting. Our cosmetic services include ProLipo, Thermage, Fotofacial IPL, Restylane, Radiesse, Microdermabrasion, Laser Hair Removal, Mesotherapy, Lipotherapy and Weight Management.

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